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Lunch People are on a mission to end food insecurity.

We wouldn't exist without our mission. Acorn Community Cafe is a not-for-profit Benefit Company created by Lunch People, a volunteer-run community group founded in 2020 with a mission to reduce the burden of hunger by investing in food security. By the end of 2020, Lunch People volunteers had served thousands of free, high-quality hot meals and came to realize that the community still needs much more. In 2021, Lunch People will continue to serve free hot meals at park sites around Lane County to immediately address hunger. We opened Acorn Community Cafe in April 2021, providing Lunch People with a physical space for meal preparation, fundraising, and fostering new systems of engagement and support for a meaningful impact on local food security. 

We're proud to do this work in solidarity with BIPOC, queer, and gender diverse community members and are committed to making the Community Cafe a safe and welcoming place for everyone.