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Ericka Thessen

Partnership Advocate

Ericka is an acute care physical therapist and single mom raising three unique humans. She started volunteering for Lunch People after hearing about their work from CORE Eugene. She has a passion for advocating for people experiencing homelessness and food insecurity. She also is a volunteer for a local animal rescue and for reproductive justice.

Food fact: Ericka is a native Midwesterner, and her favorite kitchen tool is a slow cooker or pressure cooker!

Acorn Community Cafe is operated by Lunch People, a volunteer community group founded in March 2020 to reduce the burden of food insecurity.

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Miranda McKeever


Outreach Director

As Lunch People's Outreach Director, co-founder Miranda coordinates volunteers, fosters cooperation with local aid groups and businesses, manages social media accounts, and secures funding for the organization through donations and grant writing.

Food fact: Miranda learned to cook from her grandparents, who taught preschool and always made breakfast with their students.

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Corey Prunier


Food Resource Coordinator

As Acorn Cafe's chef and Lunch People's food resource coordinator, co-founder Corey is responsible for coordinating with food producers and restaurants, overseeing menus and meal distributions, and managing kitchen volunteers and mentors.

Food fact: Corey has been vegan for 12 years, and his favorite food is broccoli!

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Alyssa Young

Youth Coordinator

Alyssa has worked with youth of all ages in a variety of roles - teaching ukulele to first graders, mentoring at-risk teenage girls in treatment, and performing habitat restoration across Oregon with young adults. 

Food Fact: Alyssa started to enjoy grapefruit only about a year ago, and "learned the valuable lesson that not everything in life has to be sweet to be enjoyable."

Alysha Hartman

Donation Coordinator

Alysha has about 10 years of administrative experience and started volunteering with Lunch People as a way to better connect with the community through food. Alysha works meal distributions and now also helps source and keep records on donations.

Food fact: Alysha's favorite recipe to share with others is a comfort food that reminds her of growing up in Oklahoma: macaroni and butternut squash baked in her trusty cast iron pan. 

Gabrielle Morse

Nonprofit Specialist

Gabrielle has many years of nonprofit work and volunteer experience and is excited to help grow an organization that is responding to the community’s needs directly and in real time. 

Food fact: In the spirit of her social nature, Gabrielle's favorite food to bake is birthday cakes. She particularly enjoys baking when challenged to make something gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free or all-three-free. 

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